KAIALGUMM – “CHAMPION” Official medal fanfare of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games | Great Big Events
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KAIALGUMM – “CHAMPION” Official medal fanfare of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

The Medal Ceremonies’, Kaialgumm is a Yugambeh word meaning “Champion” – a name truly befitting of a fanfare that celebrates the achievements of the athletes at GC2018.

The fanfare was composed by Greg Bowman, who has provided the music behind some of the world’s biggest sporting moments, including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games medal ceremonies, 4 previous Commonwealth Games, CHOGM along with a long list of international sporting events world-wide.

Bowman recorded the fanfare with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra backed by his strong belief in recognising and celebrating local talent and the track begins with the sound of the ‘Bunya Nut Rattle’ and the emotive Yugambeh Songman.

Bowman has a particular understanding of the requirements of medal ceremony fanfares and has a knack for blending local culture, drama and celebration in precisely the right mix to create unforgettable moments for athletes, spectators and officials. His understanding of the flow of medal ceremonies, as well as their timings and the emotion behind them means he is able to create fanfares that resonate around the world.

Spectators and athletes will hear the fanfare throughout the 275 medal ceremonies of GC2018 providing a link between venues and a cohesive experience for spectators and athletes alike.

YOUTUBE: GC2018 Medal Ceremony Fanfare – https://youtu.be/HzVg_uqJpaI

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