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In the area of New Business Development, we are looking for those with experience generating business in the sports industry. They should have the ability to research business opportunities and viable income streams, manage relationships and develop plans for the increase in a client-base. They should be a fast-learner and be confident to promote and sell GBE’s products and services and negotiate with stakeholders.
In the area of Creative producing, We are looking for experienced creatives being able to lead creative development for both new business proposals and existing clients. An ability to research and keep across industry trends and specific sport creative deliverables world wide is required so as to be able to advance and innovate in the industry. Abilities in both Sport specific as well as opening ceremonies is ideal.
A Sport Producer or Showcaller manages and leads a team of technical operators, stage managers, talent and volunteers to deliver an amazing fan/event experience. They are involved in the planning, execution and client liaison related to the development of a fan engagement program. On the day of the event, they direct and cue (showcall) all the activities taking place on / around the field for both Sport Protocol and Fan Engagement.

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