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London Office

Great Big Events (International) is currently seeking an experienced Senior Sport Producer and Event Manager with proven expertise in major international sporting events to take up the role of Senior Sport Producer. This is a senior role within the UK management structure and will have specific accountability for production management of all UK and worldwide events. The role will also contribute at a senior level to the overall management and leadership of the UK Office.

Responsibilities include;

  • Leading strategic and business planning for UK and company-wide Production
  • Leading the production changes required to deliver UK and company-wide strategy of production efficiency targets
  • Driving innovation and digital / convergence strategy within the company
  • Ensuring best practice principles and protocols are implemented and adhered to across the UK and worldwide production base
  • Working with the General Manager – UK, a strategic and pro-active management of the UK Office and Operations
  • To foster close working relationships with the Event Management team and Administrative and Logistics functions as well as collaborations with international offices in Qatar and Australia
  • To lead and manage a high quality, UK events and sport presentation team, across a number of events, projects and locations.
  • Event delivery roles including showcalling / stage management

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