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  • Sport Presentation

  • The theatre of sport.

    Sport presentation transforms live sport into a dramatic theatrical experience for both venue spectators, participants and broadcast audiences. The gathered crowd is taken on an emotional rollercoaster, sharing athletes’ pain, apprehension, anguish, triumph and glory. Sport presentation is the combination of vision, music, announcers, entertainment, technology, cueing and showcalling to heighten the emotion inherent in sport. Great Big Events brings all elements of sport together into a exciting and cohesive program, balancing sport protocols and innovation.

  • Ceremonies & Events

  • Celebrate your story.

    Events are about communicating important messages and celebrating stories of cultural significance. As well as our sport presentation services, Great Big Events has significant experience in delivering events on and off the field of play. These range from opening and closing ceremonies of major international sporting events, to gala evenings and awards ceremonies of all descriptions, expos, symposiums, cultural festivals and community addresses. Our Ceremonies and Events team works closely with relevant parties to ensure key messages are conveyed in a creative, engaging, professional and sensitive manner. This ensures that events not only serve their purpose, but leave their own lasting legacy.

  • Big Screen Content & Film Production

  • Larger than life experiences.

    Far too often, big screens at live events fail to live up to their potential by purely mirroring the live action. Our aim is to complement the sport by building suspense, creating drama, informing and engaging spectators. Great Big Events’ in-house vision and graphics team have pioneered a range of content to seamlessly tie in with the sport presentation and suit any purpose or occasion. Some examples include inspirational packages, technical explanation video content and interactive frames like dance-cam and karaoke-cam .

  • Design & Communications

  • Creative development and direction.

    Need some extra assistance to take your event brand to the next level? Great Big Events’ in-house Marketing and Design team has the experience and expertise to create the full event package. Elements include logo design, event signage, custom stage design, look and feel elements, illustrations and much more. Add some pizazz to your event with custom branded elements from a team that truly understands the live event landscape.

  • Fan Engagement & Social Media

  • Get them buzzing.

    From the moment a fan steps through the front gates they become a part of the sport presentation experience. Our team has developed a number of activities including interactive cameras and graphics; sponsored competitions and giveaways; inflatables in crowds; and MC interviews with participants and spectators. These are delivered to elevate the overall experience of the fan. Great Big Events’ innovative social media program allows from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be moderated and channelled to the big screen in real time. Social media offers the unique ability for a live event to transcend the on-the-day in-venue experience.

  • Technology Solutions & Innovation

  • Challenging the standards.

    Great Big Events’ dedicated in-house technical team has allowed the company to stay ahead of the rest. We have developed a number of innovative programs to keep us on top of the ever-changing global sport presentation industry. These are just some examples of current GBE technology being used at events:

    GBE.ProVision – a portable state of the art event presentation tool that allows for broadcast quality, data rich, animated graphics to be displayed on any venue big screen

    GBE.Livestream – a program that gives a client the capacity to broadcast the event action to a platform of their choosing

    GBE.Picify – a technology which allows the overlaying of filters on live vision on the big screen at events

  • Music Composition

  • The soundtrack to your event.

    Music plays a pivotal role in setting the mood in the venue. A perfectly timed piece of music can arouse the intended emotion from the audience and bind them intimately with the drama of the occasion. What sets Great Big Events apart from the rest of the field is our commitment to devising tailor-made music programs that are of an international quality, that fit the local scene and audience demographic, and that are always culturally sensitive. From introductory tracks, stings, fanfares, anthems we always ensure music elevates the mood in venue.

  • Consultancy Services

  • Unparalleled experience and expertise.

    Great Big Events has been working in the international sport presentation industry for more than two decades. Our team consists of almost exclusively full-time staff dispersed right around the world. This unique structure places Great Big Events in the advantageous position of having consulted on and delivered events across a vast spectrum of locations, sizes, venues, budgets and clients. Our team can provide consultancy services, sharing our unparalleled experience and expertise with clients. Our team can help to deliver events in the richest, most engaging and professional manner possible.

  • Special Effects & Lighting

  • Igniting the Passion.

    Great Big Events continues to push the boundaries of special effects and lighting use in sport. We masterfully use these elements in ways similar to a feature film or in a Broadway musical. Through these we build excitement, anticipation and celebrate dramatic moments. Lighting can alter the mood of a crowd and heighten anticipation. Combined with music, announcements and other crowd engagement techniques, special effects and lighting are potent forces for shaping event experiences.

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