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Embracing the new future of sport conferencing

Over the past year, there has been a dramatic shift in the attention and utilisation of video conferencing and things aren’t looking to slow down.

As the world reels and recovers from the COVID19 outbreak, industry leaders from all professions have been forced to reassess their communication tools to re-integrate and connect with their communities.

In the trenches of working from home, the answer seems to have come to us – video conferencing. With its ability to seamlessly adopt cloud-based services, machine learning, screen sharing and global access, video conferencing has given professionals the means to connect-on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.

And this trend will only continue in the future.

Tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google have already started the drive for global proliferation of automated intelligence (AI), with the video conferencing industry direct benefactors in harnessing developed features that drive interface easability. Importantly, as this visual landscape evolves, the decline of in-person meetings will continue. Businesses that don’t innovate will be left in the past.

Already, 55% of companies agree that adopting video conferencing technologies ensure a more collaborative work environment. With businesses shifting many in-person conferences to those conducted online, and cloud-based video conferencing software surging in popularity – the flexibility and scalability this technology provides has now become a necessary feature to any company.

So, what have we done?

Over the past year GBE have developed Anywhere Live, a video conferencing and livestreaming platform that achieves this desired connection and communication.

The GBE Anywhere Live Conferencing Platform allows a seamless connection for sporting communities to interact and engage with their audience anytime, anywhere, live.

We launched the platform in November last year with Football NSW at the 2020 Australian Coaching Conference.

The platform connected with the world’s leading coaching professionals, hosting talks and discussions from sporting leaders varying from ex-arsenal coach Arsène Wenger to the Netherlands Head of Football Development, Jorg van der Breggen.

Over 1200 coaches registered and hundreds of other users seamlessly accessed the online conference, navigating with ease the pre-recorded and live video sessions, speaker profiles, simultaneous breakout rooms, on-demand access for delegates post-event, and many other innovative features.

“The platform contributed to a great user experience for the recent Australian Coaching Conference” wrote Umberto Righetti, Chief Strategy Officer at Synergy Sports.

Sporting organisations are becoming increasingly cross-functional; innovating fast and re-examining their toolkit to continue providing solutions in connecting global and local audiences. Our Anywhere Live Conferencing Platform allows this connectivity and ensures your seat at the table for the future of sport conferencing.

Download the Anywhere Live Brochure

Article written by Ned Lindsay

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